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Let Verified First help reduce your time to hire, minimize paperwork, improve the candidate experience, and ultimately, help you hire the right people. Experience how our cutting-edge technology, robust selection of tests, and highly-rated customer service have made us the fastest-growing pre-employment screening provider.

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How to Find the Best Volunteers

Volunteers are a critical part of many nonprofit organizations. Without enough helping hands, services can’t be provided, missions can’t be achieved, and important social issues

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What You Offer

You’re a hard-working, team-oriented person who is seeking to build something greater than yourself. You want more than job—you want a career. You seek career advancement, personal development, and a place where you aren’t just a number.

What We Offer

We’re the leading background screening and pre-employment services company in America. In addition, we are the fastest growing privately-held company in Idaho. We foster an award-winning culture where we work hard and play even harder. We’re growing fast with no intention of slowing down, so there will be ample opportunity for growth once you step onboard. Finally, because work-life balance is important to us, our work schedule allows our team members to be home nights and weekends to recharge.

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Helping You Transform From Good to Great

When our founders, Devon Dickinson and Tommy Cheng, started Verified First in 2012, they found inspiration from legendary business consultant Jim Collins. In his famous book, From Good to Great, Collins argues that companies make transformations through making human capital their first priority.

Collins compares a business to a bus and the leader as a bus driver. For a company to get to its destination, it’s critical to get the right people on the bus and keep the wrong people off the bus. Starting with “who” instead of “what” helps businesses adapt to a changing world and change direction to be successful.

​Even if you have great vision, a lack of great people can still create a mediocre company. Our founders took this advice to heart not only when building the team for Verified First, but also when determining our company’s purpose: To make companies great by helping them make effective hiring decisions.

Happy Employees = ​Happy Clients

We know that our customer service is only as good as the employees that provide it. In a service-driven industry like ours, it’s critical that we find, train and nurture the best employees we can. We take extra care in making sure they love where they work. Because of our focus on employee satisfaction and growing a positive culture, we have won eight culture and best place to work awards.

​Happy employees make happy clients—who better to help you find the best possible employees for your business?

Our Unique Approach Has Earned Accolades

​Our rapid growth, amazing culture, and cutting-edge technology has garnered some attention! We have also been recognized as one of the best in the industry for customer satisfaction, as rated by our own clients via HRO Today's prestigious Baker's Dozen awards.

More Partners, More Integrations

Verified First has over 100 integrations with cloud-based human resource software platforms, including Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), HRIS, HCM, and payroll platforms. Our patented integration enables you to do more with your time by reducing data entry and streamlining the hiring process. The solution installs in minutes without any need for tech experts, so you can spend your time focused on your candidates.

When you integrate, you'll benefit from improved candidate experience including SMS texting and mobile-friendly forms, reduced data entry, improved time to hire, and built-in compliance tools—all readily available inside your HR software platform.

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Criminal History

Verified First offers a fully robust selection of screening tools for detecting past criminal activity.


You will reap the benefits of confirmed credentials and save valuable time with verification services from Verified First.

Civil Records

Uncovering a candidate's civil court history can reveal information about their financial history and character.

Drug Testing

We realize that not only is background screening important but drug screening is also valuable information in the hiring process.


Verified First has premier screening technology specifically designed to address your industry needs.

MVR & DOT Screening

No matter what role you're hiring for, we have the background screening tools to help you verify the history of the person behind the wheel.

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Simplify Your Hiring Process

Let Verified First help reduce your time to hire, minimize paperwork, improve the candidate experience, and ultimately, help you hire the right people.

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Simplify Your Hiring Process

Let Verified First help reduce your time to hire, minimize paperwork, improve the candidate experience, and ultimately, help you hire the right people.

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