ClickTime: 15 Employee Engagement Activities For Your Small Business

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Editor's Note: Studies show that employee engagement improves the bottom line of your business. In this blog article, ClickTime suggests 15 easy, cost-effective things to foster employee engagement. 

​Employee engagement is more than a buzzword.

Time and time again, studies have found that higher employee engagement rates contribute to greater productivity and with it, profitability. According to the Gallup State of the American Workplace Report companies were indicated to also experience 37% less absenteeism and 90% less turnover.

So, why do so few small businesses invest in employee engagement? Three words: budget, budget, and budget. With limited resources, it's easy to see why investing in employee engagement tends to dwell on the bottom of SMB to-do lists. But here's the good news. There are many low-cost ways for small businesses to increase employee engagement, and with it, foster a happy and healthy work environment.

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