WorqIQ — Increasing Employee Engagement: 4 Things We Can Do Right Now

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Employee engagement

​Editor's Note: Employee engagement is more than just a buzzword — research shows that engaged companies grow profits as much as three times faster than competitors. We share our insights on employee engagement in this guest article published for WorqIQ.  

In a tight labor market, employers need to develop a stronger workforce – and increasing employee engagement is an effective solution. However, many companies fail when it comes to engagement.

HR thought leader JoAnn Corley said, “Organizations are spending hundreds of millions of dollars on employee engagement programs, yet their scores on engagement surveys remain abysmally low.” In fact, according to Gallup, employee engagement is at a worldwide low of 13%.

A powerful engagement plan gives you a competitive advantage. Thought leader Fred Coon shared his insight with Forbes Magazine. He explained that to increase employee engagement, employees want four things:

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