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Available. Police records will no longer be called "Police Certificates of Character." The title of the certificate will read "Police Certificate." Under this title appears a box, which states "This certificate is issued solely for the information of the U.S.A. Consular authorities.

Residents of the Republic of Ireland may apply for a "Police Certificate" through the local Garda Station in which they reside. Derogatory information is usually listed on the back of the form. To be valid, a district stamp (usually in the lower left hand corner), identifies the issuing Garda Station, signed by the District Superintendent, or his or her deputy.

Persons residing outside of Ireland can apply for the "Police Certificate" by writing the Garda Office in the district of their former residence. The subject should furnish her or her full name, date and place of birth, and place and period of all residences in the Republic of Ireland, including full addresses. The request should be accompanied by a birth certificate.

Police Certificates will be issued directly to the subject from the local Garda Station, not Garda Headquarters and the Guarda Headquarters stamp will no long appear on the Police Certificate.



Ireland is one of the twenty-seven member countries in the European Union (EU). The EU setup a Data Directive that seeks to provide framework regarding how and when information can be collected on individuals. The Directive outlines seven quality principles and some additional criteria that must be met to legally obtain information on individuals in Ireland. The seven quality principles include:

  • Fairness : Data must be obtained fairly and lawfully.
  • Specific purpose : Data must be processed, collected and stored for a specific, explicit and legitimate purpose.
  • Restricted : Data that is collected on the individual must be adequate and relevant to the purpose.
  • Accurate : Data that is being collected should be accurate and up-to-date. Any errors to the information must be corrected.
  • Destroyed when obsolete : Once you are finished with the data that was collect is should be destroyed.
  • Security : Data that is collected must be kept securely.
  • Automated Processing : You cannot make a decision solely on reviewing the information using an automated process. Example: scanning a resume for keywords.

In order to legally obtain information on an individual the above principles must be met. In addition, you need have the individuals consent prior to obtaining information on them. The individual then has the right to see what information was collected on them and for what specific purpose.
When conducting background checks on individuals according to the quality principles, keep in mind that credit checks are usually not considered relevant to an employment decision. Other information on an individual such as sexual orientation and other facts that make up a person's general reputation are also not considered relevant.
Data Protection restrictions are in place for countries within the European Union (EU) that do not allow for the transfer of data to countries outside of the European Union. Due to this restriction the Safe Harbor was created. When a company becomes Safe Harbor certified they agree and certify that they will meet the privacy and data protection requirements set forth by the Safe Harbor Directive. CRS checks is Safe Harbor certified, which allows us to obtain information from the EU.