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Fortimize builds apps and custom integrations with platforms that help businesses keep pace as technology advances. Our cloud-based application built on the platform encompasses Investor Relations, Deal, Investment, and Property Management. We take the time to understand the way your business operates, and since our solutions architects come with decades of experience in financial services, we can speak your language and cut to the chase, saving you time and money. ​It’s an 85-90% solution for the Real Estate Industry and easily configured to meet the unique functional requirements of your business. The result for you is a comprehensive, custom-built solution and minimum time-to-value. It all starts with a best-practice driven Salesforce strategy masterminded by our Salesforce-certified solutions architects. From there, we’ll develop a deep understanding of your business practices and inject it into our decades of experience in financial services. The finished product is a custom-built solution designed to optimize your business processes, boost productivity, and accelerate growth.
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About Verified First

There are hundreds of background screening service providers to choose from, so what makes Verified First stand out? Verified First offers robust screening services with industry-leading customer care and cutting-edge technology. We have over 300 testimonials from satisfied customers attesting to this. Our unique approach has earned accolades, including making the prestigious HRO Today Baker's Dozen Customer Satisfaction list for background screening providers. Experience the difference in service, technology, and client care—get to know Verified First!

  • Integrate with ease—most integrations can be installed in mere minutes. 
  • Our robust searches provide you with the most up-to-date information.
  • Industry-leading turnaround times with rapid results on most clear reports.
  • Our client care team is U.S. based and has a 96% satisfaction rating.

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