Diversity and Inclusion

Our furred, feathered, and fishy friends are here to show us how diversity is what makes us great. Join Verified First and our pack of pets to learn some new tricks on hiring for inclusion.

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eBook: Hiring For Diversity and Inclusion

From attracting a diverse talent pool, to making more objective hiring decisions, join the pets of Verified First in learning some new tips on hiring for diversity and inclusion.

In this eBook, you'll learn:

Verified First Hiring for Diversity and Inclusion Ebook with Bullhorn and FirstVoice

With valuable insights from our partners, Bullhorn and FirstVoice.

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How Diversity and Inclusion Makes a Pawsitive Workplace

Diverse companies are almost two times more likely to be innovation leaders in their market. But no bones about it, implementing an inclusive process isn't always a walk in the park. Here's a look at the successes gained by diversity and the challenges faced by diverse groups to help you create a best in show inclusivity program. 

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Moving from unconscious bias to inclusive leadership

Moving From Unconscious Bias to Inclusive Leadership

As written by Dr. Shirley Davis,  In the previous issue I explained that everyone has bias and that when left unchecked, it can have a negative impact on everyday interactions...

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Unconscious Bias and its impact on leadership decision making blog image

Unconscious Bias and its Impact on Leadership Decision Making

As written by Dr. Shirley Davis, Global Workforce Expert It couldn’t be a more appropriate time to address unconscious bias at a time when we are experiencing significant demographic disruptions,...

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How Can Staffing, Recruiting and Executive Search Firms Prioritize Diversity and Inclusion?

As written by our partners at Bullhorn. For more information on Bullhorn's integration with Verified First click here. There’s a global conversation happening around diversity and inclusion (D&I) right now,...

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5 Elements of a Successful Diversity and Inclusion Program

If you try to train your cat to play fetch, or take your fish on a walk, you’ll quickly realize that different pets have different strengths, and people are very much the same. A true inclusion strategy will focus on the total talent lifecycle and create a work environment where each employee’s strengths can flourish.

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Hiring Lessons We Can Learn From Our Pets

Celebrate uniqueness with a look at what animals can teach us about diversity and inclusion. Our 1-minute video features furry friends of the staff of Verified First!

Meet the Pets of Verified First

In the spirit of inclusion, we asked our employees a very important question: “If your pet worked at Verified First, what department would they be in?” What we got was a diverse range of rovers and furry felines, some of whom would definitely be caught sleeping on the job.

VerifiedFurst_Aegon-Australian Kelpie
VerifiedFurst_Bear-Siberian Husky
VerifiedFurst_Brinkley-Black lab
VerifiedFurst_Clover Belle Forrester-Boston Terrier
VerifiedFurst_Cooper-Orange Tabby
VerifiedFurst_Copper-Black Mouth Cur
VerifiedFurst_Gus Gus-Siberian Husky
VerifiedFurst_Indie-German Shepherd
VerifiedFurst_Keela-Bearded Collie
VerifiedFurst_Kim Noonien Singh-Mix
VerifiedFurst_Kona-Belgian Malinois
VerifiedFurst_Missy-Exotic Shorthair
VerifiedFurst_Olivia-Queensland Heeler
VerifiedFurst_Pad Thai-Siamese
VerifiedFurst_Sawyer-Mini Aussie
VerifiedFurst_Scotch-Mini Aussie
VerifiedFurst_Scout-Mini Aussie


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