Diversity and Inclusion

Our furred, feathered, and fishy friends are here to show us how diversity is what makes us great. Join Verified First and our pack of pets to learn some new tricks on hiring for inclusion.

Thanks to our partners, Bullhorn and FirstVoice, for their valuable companionship.

Hiring Lessons We Can Learn From Our Pets

Celebrate uniqueness with a look at what animals can teach us about diversity and inclusion. Our 1-minute video features furry friends of the staff of Verified First!

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Why Diversity Improves Quality of Hire

A diverse candidate’s background is often what makes them a high quality hire. Their experiences and perspectives can offer a variety of benefits for any organization. Here are five of the …

Meet the Pets of Verified First

In the spirit of inclusion, we asked our employees a very important question: “If your pet worked at Verified First, what department would they be in?” What we got was a diverse range of rovers and furry felines, some of whom would definitely be caught sleeping on the job.

Verified First Can Assist You With Objective Hiring

Let us know a few details about your company and a Background Screening Consultant will drop you a line with a fully customized solution that:

  • Reduces your time to hire
  • Minimizes paperwork
  • Improves your candidate experience
  • Helps you hire the right people