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The Cappies is a nonprofit organization that trains high school theatre and journalism students to be expert writers, critical thinkers, and leaders. In each participating school, students run their own production with adult oversight. At the end of the season, a Tonys-like celebration takes place for nominated shows.

​To run such a far-reaching program with a small staff, the Cappies relies on volunteers to accomplish their mission. Because it only takes a single incident to put students at risk, it’s critical for them to thoroughly vet their many volunteers. Through working with Verified First, the Cappies created a background screening workflow that integrated perfectly with Salesforce.

The Problem

The Cappies relies on background screenings to protect their students and mitigate liability. Although the screening process needs to be thorough, it also needs to deliver results quickly. The Cappies receive volunteer applicants twice a year, creating hundreds of applicants that need to be rapidly screened. Without clearing volunteers quickly, the Cappies will be unable to meet production goals.

​Additionally, the Cappies needed to find a background screening solution that easily integrated with their Salesforce Platform. Through using Salesforce as their CRM, the Cappies is able to effectively manage their list of candidates, volunteers, and donors.  Through working with Verified First, the company created a seamless workflow to quickly screen their volunteers.

The Solution

Verified First added value to Fairchild HR and its clients in the following ways:

  • Streamlined integration process and ease of use. Verified First delivered a customizable solution to meet their workflow needs. Screening requests can be made directly through Salesforce, with no paperwork and a reduced possibility of user error.
  • Automated screening workflow. Through the framework provided by Verified First, new volunteers can be screened instantly. After screening is complete, the system emails staff members to either approve candidates or mark them for review.
  • ​Compliant and secure screening process. After the Equifax breach, many member schools had reservations about entrusting personal information to a screening company. Because of Verified First’s accreditations and high standards for information security, the Cappies knew the personal information of their volunteers would be safe in Verified First’s hands.

​The Results

Since the start of their partnership, the Cappies has seen the difference it’s made to their organization:

  • Improved efficiencies from Salesforce integration. Because screening requests are pre-populated by mapped fields, there is no data entry required. In addition, adjudication ensures volunteers are thoroughly screened, without requiring significant oversight from the Cappies.
  • Reduced workload – Because Verified First’s solutions eliminates paperwork and provides an electronic chain of custody process, it reduces administrative time.
  • Faster screenings – Through Verified First’s solutions, the Cappies effectively balance the need for thorough screenings with time-to-hire.

Because of these results, the Cappies has been empowered to continue onboarding volunteers to support its mission. To date, hundreds of individuals have been screened annually through their integrated solution provided by Verified First.

Adam Campbell, Chief Technology/Information Officer for the Cappies, is pleased with the outcome. He said, “Without Verified First, our screening process would have been a lot more cumbersome and not nearly as efficient. After evaluating different solutions that would integrate with Salesforce, it was clear Verified First would best meet our needs."

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