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Calculate how much you would save by reducing your time to hire!

Developed by Verified First and based on research from SHRM, the Time to Hire Savings Calculator enables you to determine your cost savings associated with reducing the time to on-board candidates.

Simply enter the average salary of your new hires and your number of total annual new hires. Also estimate the amount of time you would save in hours per candidate if your background screening process was fully integrated with your applicant tracking system—eliminating paper forms, minimizing data entry, and reducing the time to order and review reports significantly.

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Time saved from ATS integration, ease of use, and background screening process improvement in hours:

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Avg Time to Hire in Days*
Avg Cost to Hire as a % of Salary**
Average New Hire Salary
Daily cost per hire
Industry Average Criminal Search TAT in hours***
Verified First Avg TAT as of March 2018
Average Time Savings in Days
Additional Savings on Price in dollars/Search
Time saved from ATS integration, ease of use, and background screening process improvement in hours
Additional Process Time Savings
Total Annual Hires
Total Potential Hiring Process Savings/Hire
Total Hiring Process Savings Potential Per Year
*According to 2017 SHRM Study **According to 2016 SHRM Study: 16% for low level, 20% for Mid Level, Up to 200% for High to C Suite searches ***TAT = Turn around Time

Reduce Your Time to Hire

Verified First continues to innovate by providing tools that create a more efficient workflow for the screening process. Our integrated screening solutions help you eliminate paper forms, improve the candidate experience, reduce data entry, and overall, significantly reduce the time to hire. What's that worth to your organization? Try our Time-to-Hire calculator to find out.